Sunday, 7 March 2010

Favourite Collections

Usually I write reviews of poetry collections which takes a lot of energy and commitment. Today I thought I'd do something a little more fun and compile a short 'Desert Island Disc' list of contemporary poetry books I really rate. By contemporary, I generally mean published in the last 5 years although I accept the definition might apply over at least the last 25 years:

Derek Mahon - Harbour Lights
Geoffrey Hill - Without Title
Julia Darling - Apology for Absence
Geoff Hattersley - Back of Beyond
Paul Muldoon - Horse Latitudes
Hugo Williams - West End Final
Alice Oswald - Woods etc.
Charles Tomlinson - Cracks in the Universe
John Ashbery - A Worldly Country
Michael Haslam - A Sinner Saved by Grace
Patrick McGuiness - The Canals of Mars
Selima Hill - Gloria
Matthew Welton - The Book of Matthew
Roy Fisher - The Long and the Short of It
John Ash - The Parthian Stations
Louise Gluck - Averno
Mahmoud Darwish - The Butterfly's Burden
Steven Waling - Travelator

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